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TRAINING - Coming Soon!

Whether you need Puppy Kindergarten, just a tune-up, or have a pup with a serious behavior problem, we do it all!

We are Advanced Canine Training and Behavioral Certified Professionals (CCTBS & CACTP) with more than 9 years of experience!

To contact us about training, simply select the package that suits your needs below! 

We like to meet with you briefly first to make sure you are signed up for the right course.


Puppy Kindergarten: The Basics

  • Series of 4 one-hour classes with other puppies - $400

(up to 6 months old)


Adult Targeted Behavior Training

  • Series of 4 one-hour lessons - $550

Behavior Modification Tune-Ups

  • One-hour lesson - $150 per hour

Note that all training takes place at

PlaynPup, 6 Alton Street, Arlington, MA

Training a Puppy with Snack
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